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Ferrari is passion on wheels, and that passion comes alive in each car Ferrari creates.

Over the years, Ferrari has been responsible for a long line of fast, powerful, and evocative sports cars and supercars. Since the company launched its road-car business in 1947, it's reputation has grown from that of a respected racing team to a creator of automotive legends.

Every significant Ferrari car, more than 100 models in all, from the very first machines to wear the prancing horse in 1947 to today’s thrilling lineup of V-8 and V-12 coupes and convertibles have arguably pushed the automotive envelope further than any other car company.

Ferrari’s journey proceeds along the three paths that make up the Ferrari cars legend: the road cars, the sports-racing cars, and the F1 cars.

Clothed in graceful bodywork by Enzo Ferrari’s friend, Battista “Pinin” Farina, the early road cars were only slightly tamed versions of his racing cars.

After that, the all-out performance demanded by competition and the veneer of civility required by Ferrari’s wealthy non-racing customers sent his road cars along their own route.

It’s a cannon of the Ferrari faith that Enzo sold road cars mainly to finance his first love, racing. And Ferrari has been at the fore font of automotive engineering and racing technology as well as in the hearts of millions of dedicated fans and customers alike.

Each Ferrari car is unique. But as a whole, they form a single family built from more than 60 years of expertise in engineering and driving performance.

The design of each Ferrari vehicle draws inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari in Formula 1, Gran Turismo or Sports prototypes. All Ferrari sports cars models have the same start line—a passion for competition that has inspired the inimitable technique and design Ferrari calls its own.

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