Carrera GT


The history of the Porsche company is certainly a combination of major success in motorsports and sports cars that are suitable for everyday road use worldwide.

In the beginning, I looked around and could not find the car I'd been dreaming of: a small, lightweight sports car that uses energy efficiently. So I decided to build it myself.

Ferry Porsche

His dream of the perfect sports car has always driven us – throughout our history. And we get closer to achieving it every day. With every concept, every development and every model. Along the way, we follow a plan, an ideal that unites us all. We refer to it simply as the Porsche Principle. The underlying principle is to always get the most out of everything. From day one, we have strived to translate performance into speed – and success – in the most intelligent way possible. It's no longer all about horsepower, but more ideas per horsepower. This principle originates on the race track and is embodied in every single one of our cars. We call it "Intelligent Performance". A Porsche is more than just a vehicle. It is an expression of freedom and a unique attitude to life. It is the realization of a unique dream.

Porsche Motorsports. Spirit. Principle. Vision.

A company like Porsche that is at home on race tracks all over the world, builds racecars and competes in motorsports out of passion. Out of tradition. And as a matter of principle. The principle that an intensive bond between motorsports and series production results in Sports Cars where every driver immediately recognizes their origins. The soul of our series production.

Sports Car or racecar? To us, there's no difference. Because the very first Porsche was already a race winner. And because what we learn from the race track influences the development of our standard-production vehicles. The motorsports soul that is part of every Porsche. As a matter of principle. Not because of prestige.

We have always been involved in motorsports. Not because we had to. But because we couldn't have done anything else. Not to achieve fame. But to continuously expand our experience at the limit. Not for self-affirmation. But to continuously challenge ourselves. And not because of prestige. But as a matter of principle.

To get a step closer to the ideal race car, – our drivers and engineers continuously strive to make Ferry Porsche's dream a reality. With new technologies, new goals, and new visions that prove themselves on the race track. For the journey to the Sports Car of the future. Giving everything. Mobilizing unimagined reserves. Winning and already looking ahead to the next challenge from the winner's podium. Starting from scratch again. For us, this is the key to creating something great. To moving forward. To conquering new territory. This is the principle that has guided Porsche for more than 65 years. Putting every idea, every technology, every detail to the test. Not relying on the supposedly proven. But on the inner determination of our employees never to stand still. Using the past, our tradition, as a source of inspiration for creating innovation. And constantly breathing new life into 'Fascination Sports Car'. With ever more efficient drives and lighter bodies. Or in other words, with intelligent overall concepts.

The racing lab for our visions.

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