Grandtuismo GT


Quite possibly one of the greatest and most exclusive luxury cars of all time.

Whoever chooses Maserati, knows that nothing he has paid for is standard, no matter whether it is a mechanical, design or luxury feature. There are not only horses under the car bonnet but a meticulous attention to detail that makes each vehicle an object of luxury and great class, entirely made in Italy.

If you want an eye-catching exotic that sets you apart and ensures your ability to out perform nearly everyone else on the road, Maserati is the exotic for you.

Maserati offers superior power and class. Nestled in the embrace of your Italian leather driver's seat, you can blow past anybody.

In fact, the formula of the unquestionably unique Maserati style lies in this same mix of motors, art and classical taste. The buzzword of the so-called “House of the Trident” has always been “inspiration”, not to mention the classical precepts associated with the design of sports cars. Engines, certainly, but also style and luxury, as indicated by the reflected shadow of the proud Maserati logo.

To underline the company’s consistent approach to automobile manufacturing, a phrase has been coined to mark the centenary celebrations, which sums up the concept perfectly: “The absolute opposite of ordinary”, because cars certainly do not come any less ordinary than these.

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