The Koenigsegg philosophy does not tolerate compromise. Rather, they work with innovation in order to avoid compromise completely. Nothing is impossible. This open-mindedness and dedication are what define Koenigsegg and its cars.

The philosophy at Koenigsegg is one focused solely on performance.

Every single detail of a Koenigsegg car is measured against our continuing goal: to enhance vehicle performance. This is reflected in everything we do. Nothing is insignificant. The way we choose our raw materials, our staff, and the setup of our facilities, our software, tools, systems and maintenance. Everything. Every aspect of the development process is focused on performance, not only in terms of power and speed, but also in every deliverable. From powertrain to safety – every part must enable the car to deliver the best possible performance.


Our six-layer paint procedure makes the car’s finish more durable in the harsh conditions that cars are subject to at 400 km/h. Even the beautiful form of a Koenigsegg has a purpose. Our cars are wind tunnel tested during development and whilst a Koenigsegg is beautiful to the eye, the exterior design also serves a higher purpose, being the most streamlined design available that will accommodate the powertrain, comfort and performance requirements that customers demand of a Koenigsegg car. We like to think that a Koenigsegg is sculpted by aerodynamic efficiency.


The fruit of this philosophy, this painstaking attention to detail, is a meticulously crafted and prepared car with extreme performance. At Koenigsegg, we always strive for the best performance and the highest standards in the world. We strive for this because we know our customers expect only the best from a Koenigsegg and we truly stand by our product. This is our tradition and commitment, which has made the company we are today.
The Koenigsegg way.
The Spirit of Performance.

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