The Pagani is a special breed of exotic supercar – a true hypercar!

The Pagani is meant to compete with only the fastest exotics in the world. Cars in the same realm would include the Koenigsegg Agera, the Bugatti Veyron and the Lamborghini Aventador.

“In our concept, in our philosophy, we take inspiration from the Renaissance idea of Leonardo da Vinci. More than 500 years ago, Leonardo used to say that art and science could walk together. This idea, this philosophy has been an integral part of my professional formation, that eventually led to the creation of Pagani Automobili. We produce automobiles that are an "object", where the technical and artistic components are crucial, as our cars are street-legal and are capable of high speeds, this imposing that all the design phase has to be carried out with great expertise, from the testing and the definition of the vehicle to the quality system, which is unique to Pagani in order to produce the each one of our products. But this is just a part of it. The other part, is the artistic and emotional component, the one that makes a customer to spend one, two or three million Euros on one of our cars.

With this we are entering into a subjective sphere that justifies why we are talking about art. You have to recognize that the word art comes from "arto", the hand and the expression through it. I believe that one of Renaissance's key concepts has been the intellectual expression through the hands, the mind that creates, that imagines, that becomes enriched by the heart and the hand that follows; without making excessive use of the word "art", I believe that the amount of craftsmanship and work that goes in a Pagani has a strong artistic component in it: I believe that all my colleagues at Pagani, that are more than 80, express their mastery, their passion, their love trough their hands, that follows each part, each design, and each object. This is what I intend for making automobiles.”

– Horatio Pagani

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